SPS strives to be the best in its class through our attention to detail, by offering a superior service with regard to the standard of workmanship and knowledge, safe working procedures and the use of proven technology.

We are committed to providing you with expert technical knowledge, quality customer service and ongoing reliable support.

Our client base spans an extensive range of industry sectors including, remote aboriginal communities, government agencies, mining and resources sector, general industry and domestic clients

SPS provide the following services:

A wide range of renewable energy solutions including PV on or off Grid, Battery backup systems and Hybrid systems

Off Grid

We offer a complete design, installation and maintenance service of:

  • Array Frames and PV modules
  • Fully Compliant infrastructure for housing of batteries, generators and inverters
  • Fully engineered and certified
  • Anywhere in the Northern Territory

On Grid

In the Northern Territory we are paid a 1:1 rate for power we produce, so any power that your house hold generates but does not consume can be sold back to the power corporation at the 1:1 rate which in turn will reduce your power bill and help to pay off your solar investment.

  • We offer Installations of up to 4.5kw for single phase residential dwellings and up to for three phase residential dwellings
  • For Commercial entities we can provide a complete analysis of your power usage and design a system tailored to your individual needs
  • Visit Jacana Energy for more information on tariffs and application fees

Domestic, commercial and remote assessments, design and installations

Evaluation of existing systems to:

  • Maximise solar capacity
  • Reduce Generator run times
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Cost benefit analysis service

A full maintenance service both in the workshop, onsite and remote areas

Our Electricians are available for general maintenance from domestic to bore pumps to crushing plants.

We specialise in design and installation of solar pumping systems using Grundfos and Lorentze pumps.

Generator sales and maintenance services

Our Electricians can offer a full maintenance service on most brands of generators both domestic and industrial on site or in our workshop. We have a wide range of regulators in stock and provide expert technical advice on all your generator requirements.


We pride ourselves on a reliable and friendly service. We supply only quality products that have been proven to work in the remotest corners of the Northern Territory. As locals you can be confident of our continued support. We value your return business; we believe there is no better advertising than a happy customer.